Thursday 11 July 2013

Hemingford Grey GOBA moorings Thursday 11 July 2013

We were all alone last night, but a cruiser arrived this morning and moored before we left.
We carried on downstream in another cloudy morning. When we arrived a Brampton lock there were already two Narrowboats locking down and a large seagoing cruiser coming up. He was on his way home from the Trent. Before it was our turn to enter a hire cruiser turned up, so I let them into the lock first and went in beside them. The stopped off just below the lock so we carried on alone catching up with another cruiser waiting for Godmanchester Lock. They have carried out a lot of tree surgery on the island and at the moment they are removing the large willow at the lock entrance. There use to be a very nice mooring just to the right of the lock but unfortunately the wall fell into the water so the EA closed it. Maybe it was root damage from the tree and they are concerned about the lock.DSCF2728 We tried to moor on the pub moorings at Houghton but there was already a wide beam taking them up so we continued down to the lock arriving just as the cruiser and a Narrowboat were entering, so again we had a short wait while they locked down and we turned the lock. With these electrically controlled locks it take as long to fill the lock regardless of whether there is a boat in it or not. Once through the lock it was back down to the GOBA moorings at Hemingford Grey for the night.

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