Thursday 4 July 2013

Little Ouse Moorings 4 July 2013

Last night dinner was take as planned at The Jenyns Arms and yet again we didn’t have room for pud.

This morning we were awake early, it wasn’t the dawn chorus but the boater moored behind us running her engine at 6-30AM and no she wasn’t going anywhere.

A semi lazy day, we started off by putting a coat of grey paint over all the white splodges from yesterday, then off for a wander in the sunshine. Lunch was taken onboard followed by a trip to the services for a pump out, not really required but it means we start the next rip with an empty tank.
We followed this up with a short trip upstream to another set of EA moorings, this time with no trees and fluff to blow onto the wet paint. It was then time for a second coat of grey on the splodges.DSCF2630 Even as we were painting we could see other spots of rust breaking through. The only real answer is a repaint, but I don’t have the confidence that if its done that it will last any better than the last lot.

As soon as we finished we set off back to our moorings, I wanted to fill with diesel before leaving home but I knew they closed at 5PM, so a call to Natalie and asked if she would hang on for 10 minutes until we arrived, to which she agreed.

It was then back to the moorings before driving back home for a short while.

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