Sunday 21 July 2013

Prickwillow Sunday 21 July 2013

Last nights mooring was really quite, you don’t even get the dawn chorus, just peace. The water is the clearest we have come across anywhere, just like a fish tank.DSCF2975

This morning was very overcast with very slight drizzle, we were away at half nine hoping the weather would pick up, but to was three before the sun got out and the cloud cleared.

The reeds are growing in on both sides of the channel but the water is clear and quite deep, but progress is still slow.DSCF2977

The National Trust have again topped up the bank and seeded it with grass, I don’t know if they do this every year.DSCF2980

We stopped for water by Upware Lock  before heading back down the Cam. As we passed the Fish and Duck they were busy ether loading or unloading a trailer full of rowing boats, as the trailer was full but with nothing tied down I am not sure which. We pulled in at Ely just under downstream of the road bridge for lunch and a trip to “Tesco”.

With Tesco out of the way I did an oil change which was a few hours overdue, we have done more hours this trip than I realised. As we made our way through Ely it was warming up, there were several vacant mooring spots both near The Cutter and the park. The band was going great guns in the band stand and a littleDSCF2984 further on lots of the cycle floats were out, today most that we saw were wearing lifejackets.DSCF2985 The self pumpout in Ely is now working well and the black tank was soon empty and rinsed with 6 buckets of best Ouse river water. The Moorings at Adelaide rail bridge were full, but we don’t fancy that much as its right by the railway and the road. There was space at Diamonds 44 but again right beside the railway line so it was down the Lark to check Tom Holes moorings, unfortunately there were already 2 cruisers there so we continued into Prickwillow where the first moorings were completely empty. So that’s us sorted for the night.

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