Friday 12 July 2013

St Ives Friday 12 July 2013

Just a short run today leaving Hemingford just after 10 am. The were working hard getting everything ready for the regatta on Saturday. We had to wait at Hemingford lock while a Narrowboat went down and a cruiser came up. The cruiser ran aground on the sand bar below the lock trying to navigate between the buoys.
By now we were joined by another cruiser, so I went in first and pulled into the layby side and he came in on the straight. Diana walked back round the corner to check there was no one else coming but as soon as the gate closed a cruiser turned up and wanted to know why we closed the gate on him. I think in the end he accepted that we had looked before closing. The problem is once the gate is closed you have to go through the timer cycle before you can open it again.

We ran down to St Ives and up the Waits for water, once full Diana walked to the Dolphin to see if there was space for us for the night. She phoned back to say the same space we were in last time was free, so I took the boat down to join her, as there weren't too many cruisers in the entrance I decided to back in as when we leave in the morning the gap may be much smaller.

Diana’s sister and Brother in Law are joining us for the week end so this will be a good place to meet them, it also means that there probably wont be any blogs over the weekend.

See you Monday.

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