Sunday 14 July 2013

Holywell Sunday 14 July 2013

9 30 this morning and we were off, the temperature was 17° and slightly misty. Stuart and Angie heading off to St Neots and us to St Ives.DSCF2780 When we arrived at Houghton lock, having not seen a boat the gate was closed and someone was just raising the paddle at the other end. When he saw us he came back and raised the gate, we still had to wait 3 minuets before it started to lift, it was the EA river inspector. By the time we locked down there was him, a Narrowboat and 3 cruisers waiting to come up. From now on the river would get more busy.DSCF2781 We spotted this chap fishing below the weir.

We moored at the town moorings in Huntingdon to eat lunch, by now the sun had shaken most of the cloud off and it was getting decidedly warm.

At Houghton they had packed 5 boats into the lock going down but there wasn’t room for us. In the course of the day we have seen lots of canoes, some oblivious to what was happening around them. kids in rowing boat who couldn’t row we even saw a put coming up the river.DSCF2782 At Hemingford all the regatta paraphernalia had been put away for another year and boats were once more mooring along the meadow. We continued down through St Ives bridge to show our guests the water from there and then returned to the back of the Dolphin so that our guests could return to their car for their drive home. Once we had said our farewells we left St Ives to spend the night outside The Old Ferryboat at Holywell where we partook of dinner.

Although the day started chilly at 17° C around lunch time the sun broke through and the temperature climbed well into the upper 20s. for the afternoon.

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