Thursday, 20 October 2016

Marston T & M Thursday 20 October

Last night before we went to bed I took a few night time photographs, this is my favourite looking across to the marina, the blue lights of the Indian Restaurant, Bombay Quay and the moon poking through the wisby clouds.DSCF6196   I have had a bad back since we got home after our last trip, but its getting a lot easier, then last night I went down with a stinking cold, cough, and sore throat, so every time I coughed it not only heart the throat but also the back, so this morning we were very slow getting going. The worst thing is sitting about, fine while I am sitting but when I try to get up I have seized up. Anyway enough feeling sorry for me so after a leisurely breakfast and some Beechams Powders we went for a walk along the River Dane, getting back just in time for lunch. Then about 1-30 we set off towards the lift, hoping to get the 3 pm transit. We were lucky as there was only one other boat booked to come up. About 2-30 the lower lift attendant came to see us and tell us to motor in and get tied up. They were still waiting for the other boat, a hire boat who had only come down on the 1-40 pm transit as was going straight back up. I thought I best include a photo of the lift.DSCF6197

The other boat arrived about twenty to three but it was still after three before we went up as they had to wait for the CRT trip boat to come in at the top. Looking up river from the lift the trees are looking splendid in their autumn colours. DSCF6198

Once at the top we went out first as we were on the right and inline with the bridge, also we were turning right whereas the hire boat would be winding to be in Manchester tomorrow.

We carried on along the Trent and Mersey for a bit before mooring on some rings in the middle of nowhere overlooking Upper Marston.

Today’s Journey   map 5

2½miles, I lift, 2 waterways in 2½hrs

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