Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Northwich Wednesday 19 October 2016

Nice peaceful mooring and we woke to bright sunshine. We were away at 1045 am just after nb. Mynytho came down stream, the boat we had travelled with yesterday. We made our way upstream, remembering to remove the chimney and weather station before Newbridge swing bridge that has a clearance of under 2Mt. The Salt Union winding tower was nicely light as we passed but not much activity.DSCF6164

Just passed here there is a huge mountain of what I assume is road salt ready for the winter, it may look like a small bank but its probably 40 to 50 feet tall.DSCF6166

We then met three men (and a boy) in a rowing boat, they kindlyDSCF6169 informed me that a couple of weed cutters were operating round the next bend. These were removing Floating Penneywort, if they had done it a month ago there wouldn’t have been a quarter of the amount to remove. The weed cutting boats are propelled by caterpillar tracks with like paddle plates on them, they not only float but can drive up the banks.

DSCF6187 DSCF6173 DSCF6170

   As we approached the end of CTR controlled waters we cameDSCF6174 across a fishing match, some were OK but most were the most miserable we have encounter all year.

Arriving at the basin we found it deserted so we stopped by theDSCF6177 water point which had much better pressure than yesterdays and filled the tank. If you use these moorings in the wet take great care, they are clad with decking timber and like an ice rink. Once full we headed back down stream through the fishing match. Its just as well we didn’t want to stop for lunch at the Red Lion as there were three fishermen set up on their moorings.DSCF6180

This bridge has obviously suffered a lot of subsidence over its life time, more so on one edge than the other.DSCF6178

We continued on, without doubt this river has the worst infestation of Floating Pennywort that we have ever come across, I don’t know how many months it will take to remove it.DSCF6188

We stopped where we were moored last night for lunch and to fit a new radio aerial, it was no better than the old one, so we still have a poor radio reception. As we left I rang Vale Royal lock so they could get the lock ready for us, that had had two go down today but non come up.

At one time there were distance markers before every lock, but I have only seen two that are not damaged. One at Hunts and one at Dutton. I guess they are 200 yards from the lock.

DSCF6193 DSCF6124

I found the lock ladders in Hunts lock quite interesting as well when compared to the modern access ladders installed beside them. I take it the big hole is for your foot and the small ones hand grips.DSCF6192

We moored for the night in Northwich opposite the marina and went for a short walk looking for places to eat, we found two Indian restaurants and a grill bar, but there were 10 estate agents, I am not sure what that tells you. In the end we settled for the new Indian Restaurant beside Waitrose and it was very good.

Today’s Journey  map 4 8½ miles, 2 locks in 3½ hours

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