Sunday, 30 October 2016

Middlewich Sunday 30 November 2016

Someone told me that you should have had an extra hour in bed last night, all I can say is I don’t remember it.

It was a murky sort of day with very light drizzle, I ended up keeping the coat on all day. As we made our way to Cholmondeston Lock I spotted this topiary on the bank behind theDSCF6364 long term moorings, a little further on was another work in progress.DSCF6365 No queue at the lock today, just one boat coming up and we were away.

We were keeping an eye out for friends on their shared ownership boat, luckily when we met there was no one about so we just stopped mid channel for a chat and help eat their biscuits. We didn’t meet any more boats after that until we got to Wardle Lock where there were two coming up. We passed the old working boat Gailey moored up, but not sitting so low as she was last week when we saw her. (see HERE )DSCF6371 

If your engine packs up on your Narrowboat but you need to get somewhere what do you do, well here is one answer to the problem.DSCF6377 At one time there use to be several places where you got a good view of the Weaver Flashes, now you only get the odd flash if you are looking in the right direction at the right time, here is one of those moments. The trees have grown up so much since the first  time we came this way.DSCF6375 In Middlewich we spotted a friend in her garden as we passed, well to be honest she spotted us and called out, we were looking for her but she was behind the hedge. We couldn’t stop for many minutes as there was a boat leaving Wardle lock and another waiting to come back, so we said we would walk back for a chat and cup of tea. We dropped down through the three Middlewich locks and moored for the night a short way above Middlewich Big lock, from here we walked through town back to spend the afternoon with our friends.

Today’s Journey  map14

9¼ miles, 7 locks, 3 canals, 1 junction in 4½ hours

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