Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Bottom of Atherstone Flight

Firstly I have just manually added a map to yesterdays Blog, it looks as in MotionX GPS is no more, well I can’t find an up-to-date App for it, which would account for it not forwarding to my PC. The logging program works Offline so that still runs on the Ipad

Very fine drizzle  this morning when we set off at  11 Am. and a surprising number of boats on the move in both directions. Passing through Drayton Swivel Bridge I noticed that the deck is in a very bad way.DSCF3702

Now one for the know-alls' what are these buildingsDSCF3704 almost opposite Debbies Day Boats as can be seen on this screen shot from Google Maps?Capture

When we arrived at Fazeley junction we pulled into the water point to fill with water, as the water had been sitting in the water tank for 3 months in some very hot weather we decided to dump it rather than use it for cooking and drinking. We were about half full when another boat arrived wanting water so we pushed off to let him use the waterpoint, we winded and headed back along the Coventry Canal heading south. Again we struck lucky with Glascote Locks, a boat had just come out as we approached and although there was one going up in the top lock , there was another coming down before we left the bottom lock. To cap it all yet another boat arrived at the top just before we were ready to leave so again we left the gates for them.
A short way above the lock CRT and their contractors have been busy installing some new piling, but it looks as if they have been unable to drive it in fully.DSCF3707
As the day progressed the weather got even wetter and the umbrella was working overtime, but far better than togging up in coats as even with the rain it was quite warm.  We pulled over at Grendon Wharf to finish topping the water tank up, then it was just a few hundred yards to the bottom of the locks. Needless to say almost as soon as we moored up the rain stopped, the sun came out and the birds started singing.

Todays Journey 12.4 miles, 2 locks in 5.75 hours.map 2

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Mike Todd said...

Google Street View says "Wayside Holdings Nursery" at the turning from the main road opposite the marina (but you do have to select the right view - I found some updates with it not there)