Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Christleton, Chester

Well last night no phone, no TV and the internet like the good old dial up days, I was surprised the Blog went, but that was before the rain, things went down hill from there. Only heard a couple of trains overnight so that was good. Also saw the brightest shooting star I have ever seen.
This morning a passing boater asked if we wanted to join them but we weren’t ready to set off. Beeston Stone Lock is very slow as only one top paddle is working.
We set off at 9-30 to just chug down to the lock and wait until a boat was coming up or another come down. What we didn’t expect was to see a boat almost ready to exit the top gates, so not long to wait. He told me he was stuck for 4 hours at Chemistry lock while CRT removed a narrow rubber fender from the top paddle which was stopping it closing, as he left I noticed he had all his rubber fenders down in a lock. Beeston iron lock was a few inches off so we were soon down and on our way, we met lots of boats which eased our trip greatly. I took this shot of Beeston Castle, for all those in East Anglia look at that green colour everywhere, not like my lawn.DSCF7037

One of the offside moorings has the roof of his shed completely covered with glass bottles and he has started constructing bottle walls.DSCF7043

We also passed these interesting looking ducks, one with a fine top knot.DSCF7041

When we use to pass through Rugeley I use to photograph a shed that was slowly falling over a bit like this one, I think its only thanks to the wall its still standing.DSCF7044

Then the rain started and stopped and started so the brolly was put to good use again. We decided to moor a short way passed the Cheshire Cat. The moorings outside the pub are a bit confusing with 48hr mooring signs and no moorings signs which appear to be on the 48 hr section, some of which have been covered up.

Today’s Journeyimage

9¼ miles 3 locks in 3¾ hours

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