Thursday, 18 August 2022


We left a little before 10 after a dry night. We had a couple of boats come past in the dark and by this morning all the visitor moorings were full. Needles to say just as I undid the front rope a boat pushed off at the other end of the moorings towards us so I waited until they were passed.
Just through the bridge before you get to Countrywide Cruisers the offside bank has been cleaned up and a lot of the boats gone, but there is still one SSSI moored there.DSCF7000

Crossing the aqueduct and passing Industrial Narrowboats yard there are a lot of boats from Canal and River Services moored opposite as well as some out of the water in the yard. I thought they were based at Weston on the T&M, have they moved?
We only had one lock today at Wheaton Aston and that was in much better condition than we last passed through it. As you can see there is plenty of water coming down the bywash.DSCF7002

We stopped below the lock to fill with water, the hose started off with really good pressure but then died away a bit, but not too bad, it was also an opportunity to dump the rubbish. We stopped again just through the bridge to at Turners to fill with diesel, its the cheapest I have seen for several months at £1-15.9 domestic rate. We hadn’t gone far when I spotted a Peehen with her single chick on the off side, not something you see every day on the canals.DSCF7004

We met a steady flow of boats but not a busy as yesterday.Its nice to see that Gnosall tunnel still has the old black and white sign, a lot less garish than the new blue ones. DSCF7006

Our plan was to moor for the night in Gnosall and go for a meal, thankfully there were still a couple of empty mooring slots between the pubs, but not for long.

We had a passenger for a short time, other than being a butterfly I don’t have a clue.


Todays Journeyimage

8.5 miles, 1 lock in 4¼ hour

To see the whole journey so far click HERE for a Google map.

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