Friday, 19 August 2022

Tyrley Wharf

Before we left this morning I walked back and photographed the banner about the laundry, it may be useful to someone.IMG_20220819_093635

Last night we moored just in front of the Coffee boat and the Hippy boat, both waterway traders, this morning they were both open for business.IMG_20220819_094446

We pushed of at quarter to ten, we had already had several boats go by and it wasn’t long before I met the first day hire boat from Norbury Wharf we met another couple a little later, all well behaved as were the ones we saw yesterday.
If you come along this canal you have to take this photograph.DSCF7009

I was wondering if anyone knew what this brick building was for, there doesn’t appear to be any other infrastructure near it to need a building, its about half a mile south of The Anchor pub.DSCF7010A little further North around Soudley it looks as if the farmer may have been dredging the canal. I wonder it its for more long term offside moorings.DSCF7011

We had planned to stop at the Goldstone visitor moorings but they were all full and the towpath beyond the official moorings are not the best for mooring, so we pushed on.
It looks as if Rothen are carrying out remedial work at the land slip in Woodseves Cutting, we met two boats in the cutting, luckily in the wider part.DSCF7015

As we went through the cutting we had a Kingfisher hopping ahead of us I got a half reasonable shot of it sitting and a couple just after it had taken off.DSCF7017 (2)


DSCF7020 (2)

When we reached the Tyrler Locks there was only one boat on the visitor moorings and another topping up with water who indicated they were coming back to the moorings when their tanks were full, so there was plenty of room for us to tuck in for the night.

Todays Journeyimage

12.5 miles no locks in 4½ hours.

You can see all our journey to date HERE on Google Maps

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