Monday, 22 March 2010

Monday Market Harborough to Foxton

After walking round the the BW office to buy a new pump out card we set off at about 10 am. Although it was sunny it was quite windy which made it interesting passing some of the moored boats slowly. Not far out of town I spotted a Moorhen sitting on her nest,I couldn't tell if she had eggs or not.I can only assume that the poor old Kingfisher has a hard time with the canal freezing this year as I haven't seen a single bird and normally we spot a few below Watford and again on the Market Harborough arm.
After yesterdays problem with the road swing bridge we both got off to open it.Diana at the operations end,releasing the lock and me pushing at the towing path end. As we passed through Foxton I was hailed by another boater, Andy. He has been following us all the way from Napton, always being about one day behind. We have never met before but he has followed my postings for several years. Once through Foxton we carried on to Debdale Marina where I had a word with Dave about our paint work, it has gone from micro blistering to the paint on the roof coming off in hand fulls leaving shiny bright steel below,it is even obvious to me that there has been very little adhesion between the primer coat and the steel. There is still talk of this being due to the exceptional winter we have just had, the paint didn't fall off the last boat when it was iced in for 6 weeks of my friends boat in Belgium where they have been able to walk around the boat on the ice, or maybe its the wrong sort of cold. Whatever it is its obviously going to cost me lots of pennies to put right. After talking to Dave we winded and headed back to Foxton just as the rain started. We are now moored just before the locks with Clive and Rita again ready to go to The Foxton Locks Inn for a meal tonight.

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