Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday Braunston to Wormleighton

We woke at a reasonable time considering the clocks changed last night, I do wonder if the boats each side of us forgot to change there clocks as dead on 9 am i.e. 8 am yesterday's time their engines started.

We set off at ten past ten in sunshine, just before we left a brand new boat came passed us,no licence disk and no number plates,we seen several like this now. Is it a case of the tax is in the post or are they just getting a few free weeks. We met quite a few boats during the morning, most of them in good places for a change. Napton Narrowboats had about half their fleet out when we came passed but there were very few boats in the normal places like by The Bridge at Napton and The Folly.

We had Sunday lunch in the Folly complete with a couple of pints of Hooky before getting on our way up the Napton flight. We met three boats on the flight so all the locks were with us for a change. The first two were hire boats and I was glad we met them as opposed to following them. At Marston Doles I though I would check the winding hole for length. The notice says 50 foot so I thought I would try to get round, what's 7 foot between friends? It's slightly more than the distance between the towing path and the point of the winding hole. It was a very pleasant afternoon and we continued southwards finally mooring at 6 30 pm by the radio mast at Wormleighton

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