Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tuesday Foxton to Market Harborough

Last night we had an enjoyable meal in The Foxton Locks Inn with Clive and Rita. It was a lovely clear star lit night which caused the temperature to fall to below freezing. We were disturbed some time after midnight by an engine running and this woke me several times over the next few hours, I think it was moored somewhere behind us.
This morning started very sunny, so much so I thought I would have a ply with the solar panels while Diana took the dog for a walk. When she returned we had another changes of plans and joined with Clive and Rita in a trip to Market Harborough, we didn't get away until about 11 am and took a slow run down mooring just out side the basin. Diana steered all the way and I scraped the lose paint from the roof and treated it with rust killer ready to prime, needless to say at this point the sun went in and it started to drizzle, so the patches are still waiting for the paint. This afternoon was spent in Market Harborough with a trip to the towns museum followed by a run round Sainsbury's to top up the food store.

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