Saturday 20 March 2010

Saturday Welford to North Kilworth

Not much of a trip today really, we woke at a reasonable time and the weather was fine,but it didn't last long and soon we were in steady rain, so much so that we intended to stay put for the day. Diana took magic out for a walk and brought him back half drowned with mud all up his back legs, it didn't bother him but he needed a clean up before coming in.
At about half 10 I decided to start the engine to charge the batteries if we weren't moving, but by 12 it had brightened up and the rain stopped so we pushed off.  Once out of the end of the Welford arm.we turned right towards Foxton. We had only done about 500 yards when I spotted a friends boat moored ahead. We slid in close behind them and moored up before going to bang on their widow. If I say Mary Celeste you will know what I mean, no sign of life. They had had lunch and the porthole curtains were drawn, so may be they had gone for a sleep. A few good bangs at the stern and still no sign of life. We returned to Harnser and employed modern technology, the mobile phone. The had decided to take a walk to North Kilworth and were now on their way back.
On their return they came round for tea and biscuits, later we will go round their for a couple of beers,not a bad deal.
So that's it really, just one lock and the Welford Arm, it must be one of our shortest days ever.

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