Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday Market Harborough to Foxton

Last night we went with Clive and Rita for a meal at The Waterfront and were most impressed, for the type of establishment and food it was very good value. We started with a plate of rolls and an offer of extra if required, a nice bottle of house wine, 4 starters and main courses for less than £60. The portions were so generous that Clive had to finish Rita's main course, Diana asking for a doggie bag and none of us being able to manage a sweet.
It rained heavily over night and was still drizzling this morning but it had cleared up before we left. We made our way back to Foxton and I was very pleased to see a Kingfisher swooping towards me along the canal, but only one. Once in Foxton, Clive and Rita pulled over for the night and we continued on to Debdale to fill up with diesel. While we were there I took the opportunity to examine a boat they had out for blacking and sitting on a pair of trestles about 6 foot high, these are to facilitate the cleaning and painting of the base plate. There is a lot of discussion about whether on not its worth painting the base plate and if it all gets scraped off on the canal bed. All I can say is that all the mussels hanging on the bottom had not been scraped off so I can only surmise that the paint wouldn't be scraped off ether.
Once full of diesel we headed back to Foxton in nice warm sunshine, we moored with Clive and Rita and while Diana and Rita took the dog for a walk I took the opportunity of the warmth to prime the areas of roof that I had scraped back to steel yesterday. I also replaced the seal on the weed hatch, a job I have been intending to do for sometime. While I had the weed hatch top off I checked the prop for fouling and found a load of blue material with plastic piping and zips which I think may at one time have  been a bag.

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