Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tuesday Wormleighton to Napton

It was a full moon last night but you couldn't see it because of the cloud. When I took the dog out last thing it was fine drizzle, he wasn't too impressed and went on strike, digging his paws in and putting his head down. The third time he did this I gave him another pull and ended up taking a lead and collar for a walk, leaving a dog on the towing path looking at me, as soon as I stopped and turned round he picked up his collar and we walked back to the boat. This morning when we got up it was still raining.
This clock change is giving me a problem, half of me is on summer time and half on winter time still, the other half hasn't a clue what its doing. As we don't use an alarm clock we have been sleeping late, but then we go to bed by the clock and cant get to sleep, meal times are not to bad,I suspect it would be worse going the other way.

We set off at about 1030 and by then the rain had stopped, we had a gentle run back to the moorings only meeting a couple of private boats and a British Waterways work flat being powered by an outboard motor. At Marston Doles locks we caught up with another boat, it was about the 5th or 6th time we have seen them, the first time was at the bottom of the Foxton flight last week and since then we have been leapfrogging each other or meeting each other.
We just arrived at our moorings as it started to rain and it has done this on and off all afternoon. While Diana was getting lunch I took the opportunity to fit the solar panels and was pleased to see 1.5 amps going into the batteries between the showers.
After lunch it was time for an oil change,this didn't go quite as well as planned as the filter wrench pierced the filter case allowing oil to leak out, luckily I had already put my tray made from plastic guttering under it so all was not lost.

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