Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Cropredy Wed 17 Nov 2010

Last night the pressure continued to fall and this morning it was down by over 10mb, as it did the wind freshened and the rain arrived.
We pushed off this morning at about ten to ten in cold windy rain and after an hour or so I was beginning to wonder why we were doing it. As we passed Fenny Marina I noticed that there appears a lot of vacancies now, I can't imagine they are all out cruising as we haven't seen a boat on the move in the two days we have been out.  As we entered Fenny Tunnel Diana came to drive while I went below for bit of a warm. At the Claydon flight the locks were all against us and of course there was no one coming up, so it was turn each one. The same was true for all the locks as far as Cropredy. As we started down the Claydon flight the weather brightened and the rain stopped which was nice. At Cropredy Lock the lock side cottage has a white board and marker pens hanging on the fence, written on it was an invitation to help yourself to apples which were laying all over the grass, Diana picked up half a dozen nice red ones as the lock filled. The people who live in the cottage seem quite boat friendly which is quite unusual these days, lots of them seem to be owned by people who would like the lock filled in and go out of there way to make life unpleasant for boaters with notices and fences.
We moored just below the lock for the night at ten past two, just as it started raining again.


Anne / Olly said...

Brings back evocative memories of cruising in UK. Thank you. We don't miss it - yet - but will happily embrace it again if needs be.

Andy Tidy said...

There are a lot of gaps in the marina's these days. There is a growing oversupply issue out there but how come it hasnt led to a price war. I think that here is some market fixing / collusion going on.

************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

Captain, I think you may be right about over supply, but it probably has not sunk in yet to the operators.
They have never had the need to be competitive in the past and it has not dawned on them yet that they have competition.