Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Three Holes Village

When the weather improved we decided to leap ashore, well we are 500-700mm from the quayside. The steps have been set into the bank, but there is no handrail yet and the top bank is all mud.a smallDSCF1176 Once on the road we crossed the bridge and passed the village a smallDSCF1171sign that depicts the old Three Holes bridge that crossed this  drain before it was widened and was part of the Sixteen Foot drain. The village got its name from the bridge that had three arches or holes in it. You can still see the old approach road to where the bridge use to be just to the right of the sign, the new bridge and road is to the left of the sign.
The old junction between the Sixteen Foot Drain and Popham’s Eau is about 300 mts. to the stern of our boat and Popham’s Eau use to run behind the now closed, Red Hart public house then cross under the main road just to the left of it. You can just see the bridge railings in this photograph.a smallDSCF1174a smallDSCF1172I mentioned in my last blog the famous garage with the most expensive petrol and diesel in the country, today petrol was 161.9p/lt and diesel  163.9 p/lt that is between 15 & 19 p/lt more than I have seen anywhere else in the area. The place looked pretty closed up when we passed but the sign did say open.

The village also has a shop/post office that is open until 9pm in the evening, that is directly across the road from the moorings. They have a post box outside the door. There is also a regular bus service to Wisbech via Outwell and Upwell.

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