Thursday, 21 March 2013

Thursday 21 March 2013 Floods Ferry

We woke to a morning of no wind and sun trying to break through. I read on the net last night that a boat was booked out of Denver on Saturday so I rang Denver Sluice to check the situation. The reply I received was that they were officially opening on the 28th March, yes they were going to try to lock a 66ft boat out to go across to Salter’s Lode but it was not 100% certain that they would succeed. If I turn up they would lock me in but I would do it at my own risk, so we will wait until the 28th.

On the strength of this and the weather forecast for the rest of the week we decided to head back home.
As we pulled away from the mooring I took a photograph back under Three Holes Bridge to show the exact location of the moorings.

a smallDSCF1182

As the day progressed the wind freshened slightly and by lunchtime was quite cool. The wind had turned through 90° from yesterday and was much pleasanter.

As we passed through March we saw their latest residents, 7 white geese who have decided to make their home on the river bank just below the Kashmir Balti House Indian restaurant. We stopped for a chat in the town with some boaters we know before doing the last hour back to our moorings.a smallDSCF1186

On our way home we called in at Little Ouse Moorings to pay our dues and collect a key to the gate, all we need to do now is to work out the logistics of moving both the boat and the car from the Middle Level to the Little Ouse.

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Nb Yarwood said...

Hi Brian
That 66ft boat is actually TWO boats...Yarwood and Matilda Rose booked for their 'maybe, maybe not crossings' on Saturday.
Are you moving Harnser to a new 'home' then?