Saturday, 28 December 2013

S Oxford B 126 Sat 28 Dec 2013

We drove over to the boat this morning in glorious sunshine but slightly chilly, the wind speed when we left home was around 20 mph and falling. We passed the Hunt out  some where near Cold Ashby, we didn’t see the horses or riders, just all the followers and horse boxes.

Arriving at the boat all seamed OK, the solar panels were still on the roof as was the chimney. on starting the engine it was obvious from the black spray that some water had entered the exhaust pipe. I screw a T on the top when we leave the boat but with the winds it must have driven into the T and run down, we also had water drive in through the side hatch in the lounge wetting the carpet tiles below.

I fired the old girl up and reversed out of the arm, not quite so easy this time as the water was a couple of inches lower than before, but not to much of a problem, just required a bit of pushing off fenderind as I made my way back to the main line, waited while a boat passed and then backwards down to the lock to load up, while a second boat came by.

It must have been half two before we were away catching the boat ahead up at Marston Doles bottom lock. There is now a notice on Marston Doles top lock requesting that you leave it empty with a bottom paddle open to try to maintain the level in the pound below.
e pushed on along the summit at times finding it almost impossible to see ahead looking into the low sun beaming down the water, a little later it was the Wormleighton Radio Mast that was standing out in the sunset. We only met one boat on the move before mooring for the night after the sun had gone to bed just passed bridge 126 about 4 miles and a couple of locks.

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