Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sunday 8 December 2013 Napton Top Lock

The service in The Boathouse at Braunston last night was much better that the last time we visited and as all main courses are on a 2 for 1 its good value, I have been served much worse and paid a lot more for it elsewhere.

This morning we set off about 10-30 down to the Stop House to fill with water and then wind in the marina entrance. Not only where the visitor mooring quite empty so were the long term ones. This was the view looking from the Stop House to the A45 bridge. DSCF4276Even though there was next to nothing about today I still managed to meet a boat right under the A45 bridge, we both stopped and I drew back to let him through.

We carried on in bright sunshine to Napton where we moored at bridge 109 and walked up to the Kings Head to see if we could get Sunday Lunch, no chance, they were packed out, but they do food all day on a Sunday so we booked for 7pm and will return by car.
Back to the boat and we set off again towards the Napton Flight. Just as we were about to go a boat came by, this would put the whole flight against us. The Bridge Inn still looks very shut up which is such a shame, there were about 3 boats moored on the 14day moorings as its handy for the road. As we approached the winding hole prior to the Folly the boat ahead was turning so we were able to pass him, so now we were in with a chance of a decent run up the locks. There was not a single boat moored on the long length of 48 hr moorings however there was one on the waterpoint, they would be much more useful if half the 48 hr moorings were turned over to 14 days in the winter months. Again there was not a single boat moored in the flight, all the locks were with us, some had a bit of water where they had leaky top gates but most were empty. We moored for the night just above the top lock, with a brilliant sunset.DSCF4283 My camera does not do it justice. Mooring here is convenient to load the car in the morning to go home and we can run the engine for a bit before moving the boat down the arm. I shall then drain the water system in case the weather turns bad before we get a chance to return to her.

This trip we have covered a distance of 122 miles, done 22 locks, turned round 3 times and didn’t have one visit to the weed hatch. Had wind speeds of over 40MPH bright sunshine and not put my waterproofs on once. All in all a good weeks boating.

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