Monday, 3 August 2020

Curdworth Bottom Lock

A very good run to the boat apart from the roadworks in Beccles which we diverted round, but there was noticeably more traffic. The new section of the A14 has made a big difference.

We arrived at Alvecote around 1pm and by 2pm were ready to set off. We arrived at the top of Glascote locks just as a hire boat from the Glascote  basin was setting off under instruction, luckily the instructor waved us through and used the opportunity to tell the first time hirers what was happening, even better we met two boats in the flight with 2 more waiting to come up. I think the cottage at the bottom lock is now occupied again. At Fazeley junction it was hard left onto the Birmingham and Fazeley canal. It was on this canal that we were lucky enough to see a Grass Snake swim across the canal ahead of us, no chance of a photo as it was gone before our stern was along side. We only met one boat on the B&F and there is one other moored here below the locks, Since we have been here two have come down the flight, lets hope there are plenty tomorrow.
Not really much to photograph accept a boat who’s name caught my eye, Pearl’s a Springer, of course DSCF3862the boat is also a Springer. The other thing was this bundle of Coir that someone had fished out. BW had hung them against the piling on most of the length from here to the junction for plants to grow in, I wonder how many more are waiting for someone’s propeller to find them.DSCF3863

Today’s Journey 8.3 miles, 2 locks in 3 hours map 01

Cruise plotted on

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Adam said...

You have your left and right mixed up at Fazeley Jct.