Saturday, 15 August 2020


Last night about 9pm after the fishermen had left we reversed back and moored just outside the Hawne Basin boundary fence, this put a bit of hedging between us and the industrial estate.
We set off this morning back through the tunnel,DSCF3977 the north end is definitely harder work that the southern half, maybe they deepened it when they rebuilt the middle bit. A good clean run up to the junction then the Dudley Number two tunnel, the first one Brian has driven through, We could see a small light out in the distance, for quite some time we thought it may have been a canoe coming towards us as it was on that side of the tunnel, as we got closer we realised it was a boat going very slowly the other way. When we cleared the tunnel he apologised for holding us up, explaining he had just bought the boat and couldn’t find the tunnel light anywhere.  We in turn had picked up a massive weed island that made progress slow when we got past him.
At Dudley Port Junction we turned right onto the new main line and then right again at Albion Junction, up the three Brades Locks and then right on the Old Main Line. One of the houses on the off side have started decorating the canal bank at the bottom of their garden, last time it was the cannonDSCF3981 but that has now gained a ball just out of the muzzle and there are other ornaments about.
At Tipton Junction we turned left towards The Black Country Museum to fill with water, winding in the museum arm and then chugging through to moor by The Fountain. Last time I was hear I said I was lucky enough to get a mooring on John the Locks moorings, tonight we are the only boat in Tipton.

Todays Journey 3 locks 10 miles in 4.5 13Map courtesy of Waterway Routes

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