Thursday, 20 August 2020


It was a nice quiet mooring last night but the canal was very busy this morning. I always like the viewDSCF4037 as you approach Cookley Tunnel. A short way before we came to the tunnel we passed this house, its a funny old world when you have to put up notices like this to keep people from damaging private property.DSCF4036

We had caught up with the boat ahead at Debdale Lock even though we were only going just over tickover. Does anyone know the history of the cave beside the lock, by the time we entered the lock there was another boat behind us. Just after the lock we met a hire boat who got it wrong on the outside of the bend, the private boat behind was so close he it it up the backside, it was lucky that his wife wasn't impaled on the shaft as she tried to fend off the back of the hire boat even though her husband was still driving forward.

I expected by now there would have been some progress in stabilising the landslide at Wolverley, but other than more weeds its the same as last year.DSCF4039 At Wolverley Lock at one point we were in queue of 6 boats although we were only 4 from the front. There was time for Diana and George to go and buy the ice creams. While we were waiting for the lock a chap was inflating a paddle board which he launched below the lock after we had come out and followedDSCF4040 us down the cut. When I dropped to tick over he was right in my prop wash which concerned me and as I slowly pulled away he decided to overtake. Luckily when he was half way passed I dropped to tickover to let him get away, but he decided to fall in right under my bow. Surprising how fast you can stop  from tickover it would had taken longer had I maintained speed and he would have been nearer the prop.
I must say a quick hello to the lady feeding the birds at The hair of the Dog, dog grooming.

We stopped in Kidderminster for lunch and when we set off were on our own, luckily Diana remembered there are anti vandal locks on the Kidderminster. There are some lovely old buildings inDSCF4043 Kidderminster, Debenhams being one of them. The other striking thing in this area is the bright red rock that has eroded into interesting shapes over the DSCF4044years. Passing under Falling Sands viaduct  I could see they were carrying out a rope access inspection/maintenance under the arches.DSCF4045 We carried on to Stourport and dropped into the first mooring spot we came to, we have at least 2 foot each end and then took a wander to look at the state of the river, its down in the green, but there is a yellow high wind warning for tomorrow so we are hoping they don’t close the navigation.

Today’s Journey 6 Locks, 10.8 miles in 5 hoursmap 18Map courtesy of Waterway Routes


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