Wednesday, 12 August 2020


Yesterday evening we sat on the deck and watched the lightning and listening to the thunder, there was just enough rain to wet the deck After we had been in bed some time we were woken by the rain starting, so out and close the hatches, minutes later there was more thunder and lightning and the rain was driving down. I don’t know how long it lasted but in that one event we had almost 7mm of rain.

This morning a boat went past at about 6am, I guess he wanted to be wherever before the day got hot. There were another couple came up Compton Lock before we set off. Brian spent most of the morning steering while Di and I worked the locks, again often meeting a boat. One of the boats we met just before The Bratch was Nb Leaf, they are now going round in the opposite direction to us. We stopped for lunch above The Bratch in the only bit of shade I could find. By the time we were ready to go down a boat was just entering the top chamber so that worked well, in fact we only turned two locks all day and meeting several boats just leaving locks. We had to continue onto Geensforge lock as that was the only water point on todays journey, we were hoping to moor on the visitor mooring there but there is only room for one boat so we had to carry on down the  lock.

As we were leaving to drop down through Compton Lock I noticed this set back in the undergrowth, I DSCF3942don’t know who Allen Booth was or what happened to him.
The rain we had last night has put a lot more water into the canal and the circular weirs are running very well.DSCF3944

We had planned on a BBQ this evening, so as soon as I tried to light it we had the first rumble of thunder and a bit of lightning, thankfully the rain held off until we had finished eating outside and then it chucked it down for half an hour.

Todays Journey 11.3 miles, 15 locks in 6 hoursmap 10
Map courtesy of Waterway Routes

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