Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Stoke Pound

Boy did rain last night, over 15mm. thankfully it had rained its self out by this morning and we have only had the lightest of showers, however as the day has progressed the wind has freshened.  Just as I was untying at 10am a hire boat came by, his steering was not the best I have seen but I didn’t crowed him although I did gain rapidly on him in Dunhampstead tunnel so as we left the tunnel he pulled over and waved me by. Several of the bridges along here are covered in mesh to catch the falling render.DSCF4079DSCF4080

We had a very light shower and I put my waterproofs on expecting more, but nothing materialised. We met a boat just before Ashwood locks so thought they may be with us, but no such luck. At Ashwood Top Lock we passed this metal DSCF4082bench with an inscription cut into the back rail. The name may well be familiar to some of you that knew Eric.DSCF4081

We arrived at the waterpoint at Stoke Works just as a boat was leaving as we haven’t taken water on for a few days and the gauge is playing up a bit. There is a large house building project going on at Stoke Works, I wonder if it will be the end of the visitor moorings.DSCF4085

We had more luck with the Stoke Locks finding them empty. As we were coming up in lock 25 a boat coming down turned lock 27, I had already set 26. so we left 25 open for them and they left 27 for us, but of course we passed after 26. As they went into 26 I could see someone opening the bottom paddles on 25 with the top gates still wide open. The young chap from the boat going down shot off down there shouting as he went. We carried on and cleared the flight and much to our surprise found plenty of space to moor at the bottom of the Tardebigge flight opposite the pub ready for tomorrows assault.

Maintenance carried out, stern greaser refilled.

Today’s Journey 7.5 miles, 12 locks in 4.25 hours.map 23Map courtesy of Waterway Routes https://www.waterwayroutes.co.uk/

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