Thursday, 27 January 2011

27 Jan 2011 Fenny Compton

Last night we didn't get back to the boat from my sons until after 10 pm and the temperature had dropped quite a bit, as we had not changed the heating setting the front of the boat was quite cool where as the boatman's cabin was cold. The wind had picked up and was hitting straight onto the back doors forcing its way in with us. The engine room was cold as the engine had been shut down from about 1 pm. so a hot water bottle joined us in bed. I think the wind must have gotten up to a full gale overnight and was enough to wake us up.

This morning was a late start, it was quarter to eleven before weDSCF5332 left heading south. A boat had come down the flight but one had also gone up so we were more than a little surprised to find the Marston Doles locks both empty for us. We only met one boat all morning and the only ones we passed were long term moorers even if they weren't all on long term moorings.

We arrived a Fenny Compton Wharf at quarter to one and winded in front of the pub, this was followed by filling with water and then backing up passed a couple of moored boats to moor for the night.

I have just been looking at the forecast and the numbers -5 show for early next month for this area so make sure you keep those water tanks full and also keep warm.

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