Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday 23 Jan 2011 Hawkesbury Junction

Last night we ate at Weatherspoons, this was not our first, second or third choice but as the others were all heaving with people standing waiting for tables it seemed a good bet. As before the food was fine and both food and drink a reasonable price.
This morning I did a few jobs on the boat and then we visited The Herbert Museum which like a lot of places is now free to enter and has a nice cafe attached where we had lunch.DSCF5302
We got back to the boat at 3.15 pm and set off for Hawkesbury Junction, I picked up something on the prop, forward/reverse made things better for a bit but then things went down hill, I didn't want to stop as I knew that we would only just reach the junction before dark, then suddenly as I left a bridge hole the boat accelerated and I was able to drop the revs back to our normal cruising speed, what ever was there must have gone and we were on track again. There was only one boat moored on the Oxford just through Sutton Stop so we pulled in ahead of them at just on 5 pm with the light going fast.

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