Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Little Ouse Moorings Tue 21 may 2013

Now we are home I have uploaded so videos to Sundays Blog, you can read it here.

last night we ate at The Boathouse on Ely waterfront. The food was very good and Diana thought her Duck was the best she has ever had.

This morning we woke to wind and rain, we had been moored under a sycamore tree and the wind had deposited loads of unripe sycamore seeds on the roof, at the same time the pigeons had deposited something else, so we had to scrub the roof before we set off.
While we were doing this a uniformed gentlemen came by recording all the boats on the moorings, these moorings are limited to 48 hrs with no return in 48 hours.  
We only went a short distance to the other end of town where we stopped to pump out the toilet tank. Once this was sorted we were really off.

The light was much better today so I took another shot of the Cathedrala PhotoDSCF1901
I was surprised that the trains were still travelling over the Adelaide bridge. They have recently added these arches over the bridge, at first I though they were to carry overhead cables but now I am not so sure as they are so close.a PhotoDSCF1902

The wind and waves were coming straight down the river towards us, but that was the only thing that was.

The only sign of other river uses after leaving Ely was a moored Narrowboat at Little Port, half way back to our mooring.

These look to me the EA attempts at hanging baskets hanging from the piling on the river bank.a PhotoDSCF1903

Two hours after leaving Ely we were back on the Little Ouse and moored just under the A10 road bridge, this is a handy place to stop to load everything into the car. While we packing away Ivan the EA river inspector came by in his launch checking boat licences, so that’s twice we have been checked today.

One last job and that was to go a bit further upstream and fill up with diesel ready for our next outing.

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