Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tuesday 7 May 2013 Wicken Fen

Last night we had a very enjoyable evening in The Jude’s ferrya PhotoDSCF1669 pub, good food and a nice bottle of wine. When we turned in for the night we were the only boat left on the moorings, it was so warm I had to open the side doors and slide.

You can see from this picture how the landing stage overhangs the piling, not good for paintwork. a PhotoDSCF1667 There is loads of room to turn here by backing in to the entrance to the slipway.

We stopped on the lock moorings above Isleham Lock as we knew there was nobody coming down stream behind us and went to the marina for a chat with John and Cath. We weren’t away long but when we returned a boat had just come through the lock going upstream.
On leaving the lock the offside gate failed to open fully, it was OK yesterday but playing up last week.a PhotoDSCF1690


Around this past of the world there are acres of crops grown under sheeting, from a distance it looks like huge lakes.a PhotoDSCF1648

This converted property had some interesting chimneys made in a twist. My late dad did a lot of brickwork in this stile for different people.a PhotoDSCF1643Having seen this old mill from the river it wasn’t until I was standing on the roof of the boat to take a photograph that I realised how big the property is, you normally only see the mill tower, the rest is hidden behind the flood bank.a PhotoDSCF1647

Diana spotted this chap sitting on a tree stump by the river, he was very tame and we reversed back and took several photos of him, he was quite happy sitting looking at us in his little hole.a PhotoDSCF1701

We have not seen many aircraft over the weekend but there were one or two biggies around today making up for it.a PhotoDSCF1682 a PhotoDSCF1691





We stopped for water at Prickwillow, all the moorings are empty again now the Bank Holiday is over so we had the place to ourselves. Back on the Gt. Ouse the rowers were out in force well down past the mouth of the Lark.a PhotoDSCF1720 Work is progressing on the railway bridge at Adelaide, it looks as if they are adding electrification gantries so that the line can be electrified. a PhotoDSCF1716
There were another family of geese with their goslings as we approached Ely, these are the second lot we have seen. a PhotoDSCF1719
Later we would see our first family of Coots with the parents diving to collect food for their young.a PhotoDSCF1724

By the time we had reached Ely the rowers were congregating round the boat house, so slow progress was required which gave us a chance to have a word with Balmaha as we passed, but we didn’t really want to overnight in Ely so pushed on.

For a couple of years there has been a wooden cruiser sunk on the Little Thetford moorings, we noticed today that its gone. Last time we were this way they had a barge and piling equipment nearby, so maybe they removed it at the same time.

At Popes Corner we turned left down the Cam passing The Fish and Duck moorings, there are a few boats here now, quite a few of them wide beam moored river side.DSCF1730We met the two Fox’s Narrowboats  coming down the Cam that we met on Saturday as they were heading for Ely.Just passed The Five Miles from Anywhere we turned left again, this time Upware lock was operational and we passed through onto Reach Lode, but not for long, at the end of the moorings it was another sharp left up Wicken Lode into Wicken Fen nature reserve for the night. a PhotoDSCF1738 There was already a boat on the GBOA moorings when we arrived at 6-30 pm. so we moored just ahead of them as I didn’t think there was room behind.
After diner we went for a walk around the reserve and when we returned at about 8-30 the other boat had gone, it must have been after 8pm. when they set off?

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