Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thursday 2 May 2013 Denver Sluice

We managed to get away from home a bit earlier than planed so were ready to set sail at 1645hrs. The planned destination, the pumpout at Denver. The sun was very pleasant and much warmer than Lowestoft.

About an hour and a half later we were at the services, a couple of boats had moored outside The Ship while we were getting ready to leave, but other than that we didn’t see anything on the move.

We had a bit of hassle with the pumpout, it is a long way from the boat to the pump, but once it was primed up all went well.

We only went a short way from here to the EA visitor mooring by The Jenyns Arms where we enjoyed a hearty meal. If anyone leaves here feeling hungry its there own fault, again we couldn’t manage a pud.

As we sat eating in the conservatory watching the river go by I noticed that the water looked to be moving quite fast towards Denver Sluice, this was reinforced when a duck swam across the river in quite a large ferry glide. Once we had finished eating we wandered up to the sluice and fount that the sluices were draw on all the “little Eyes” and the pointy gates on the tidal side were blowing fully open with the water flow. The river looked quite low with no obvious flow coming down the New Bedford, but I have never seen such a flow coming through the sluices with a very turbulent flow heading for Kings Lynn. We walked round to the Relief Channel and all the gates on the AG Wright sluice were closed.

Returning to the boat the water level has probably dropped the best part of 2” since we moored up.   So the ropes and fenders will require checking before bed.


NBQuiescence said...

Hi Brian,
Just read your Blog and your Harnser home page and thought I would let you know that my home mooring is at Upware, just off the Gt Ouse. I am hoping to get out on my boat again soon so I will look out for you. I'm on 58ft NB Quiescence, colour green.
Tim Reynolds

Unknown said...

I see the system is still going up and down like a .......drawers! Lol