Saturday, 28 September 2019

Adlington Saturday 28 September 2019

Day : Saturday
Date : 28 September 2019
Start : 1000hrs
Finish : 1400 Grimshaws Bridge

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Well yet more rain overnight and this morning, there was a let up about 10 am so we set off. I had just untied when I spotted this pairDSCF2765 coming passed the moored boat ahead of us, so I hung on until they had passed, they overtook us a little later on their way back.

It wasn't long before the coats were on and the brolly up. We did meet a few other mad boaters, but not many in that weather. We passed the site of the breach they repaired earlier in the week, I thought they may have been a few marker poles round it.DSCF2766

We only held two cars up at The Royal Oak swing bridge, this is electrically operated with a CRT key, we had 2 cars waiting and although the bridge swing quite fast, it takes some time for the pins to draw and the bridge jack up about 150mm before it can rotate and then drop and re pin before the barriers will open. The next swing bridge is a push job with no traffic that is ten times as fast.DSCF2768

We passed a field of Belted Galloway cattle, its the first time I had seen a brown one, officially known as red, I have only spotted black and white in the passed.DSCF2774

People tell me the view is wonderful up this way, I am not to sure myself, maybe it will improve.DSCF2772
This looked a good idea to keep your canoe out of the water, a pair of davits, lets hope a wayward Narrowboat doesn't collide with it.DSCF2773 We carried on through Macclesfield and Bollington where a day boat was just returning to base, we had been following them for about a mile and it was nice to see them slow down when passing moored craft, they definitely had a full compliment onboard.
I am not sure how the owner of this boat checks the engine or even gets out to steer, the top was quite tidy so maybe they are part way through a good clearout.DSCF2776

We decided to stop at Grimshaws bridge for the night, there are very good moorings here opposite Lyme View Marina with a good straight stone edge at mooring rings, the spacings are a bit stretchy for us so the bow rope is a bit long but we will be OK overnight.

Today's Journeymap 0611 Miles 0 Locks in 4 hours

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