Wednesday 11 September 2019

Home moorings Wednesday 11 September 2019

Day : Wednesday
Date : 11 September 2019
Start : 0945
Finish : 1005hrs. The marina

Well its been an unusual 24 hrs. As I posted last night we went to Whatcroft Flash for the night, the first unusual thing was a train went by, I have probably only seen 4 of these on this line in 3 years, this evening there were not just the one but two, the second going in the opposite direction after dark.

Again we had rain over night and first thing this morning but it had stopped by the time we set off at quarter to ten. As we made ready to set off Diana spotted a small newt sitting on the top edge of the bank side open side door, I carefully removed it and set it down onDSCF2677 the very wet grass. That was the second unusual thing. Not unusual was the fact it was chucking it down by the time we moored up.

The third unusual thing was I looked at the internet before we set off for stoppages on the roads between the marina and home, I have never done that before only to find that the M6 was completely blocked and had been since midnight so we had to plan a new route home, no point going down the M6 and following diversions, thousands of other drivers were doing that, so we went well to the west rejoining the M6 below the incident. I think they rout home had 2 lanes open south bond at about 3 pm by which time we were on the A14 battling with the road works and small temporary road direction signs.

We have been out for 46 nights and covered 476 miles passing through 365 locks, this took us some 216 hours travelling time.IMG_0275

Today's Journeymap 48¾ Miles 0 Locks in 20 minutes

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