Wednesday 25 September 2019

Rode Heath Wednesday 25 September 2019

Day : Wednesday
Date : 25 September
Start : 0920
Finish : 1250 Rode Heath

It was a fine warm start to the day and we were away in god time, Luck with the locks started well with a couple of boats coming down and one some time ahead going up, we even met a couple, but it all changed at Longcroft Lock which was against us. By now it had also turned a bit cooler and light drizzle in the air although we didn't get any proper rain.

If you fall into this lock hope someone has left it half full as the ladder ends about 5' above the water level, it looks as if they fitted the ladder when they rebricked the top half of the nearside wall and only fitted the ladder into the new brickwork.DSCF2723
Up by Maddocks Lock there is a CRT workboat on the offside, it looks as though the last crew forgot to take their catering equipment home with them at the end of the day.DSCF2725
In the past I have always taken a photo of the Romping Donkey pub, now a private dwelling, its gone through a very chequered development over the years but finally looks as if its just about finished, I expect it will be sometime before we are this way again.

DSCF2728   DSCF2729

We finally caught up with the boat in front at Pierpoint bottom lock where we were overtaken by 15 lady ramblers and just one man.DSCF2731

It was bit of a short day and we moored up at Rode Heath, there were hardly any boats here when we arrived but its now looking pretty full, one of the first to arrive after us was the hotel pair, Duke and Duchess. They have just finished their very last trip and are on their way to Stone to go on brokerage, so if you fancy a pair of full length boats now is your chance. The owner of the pair has a little black dog called Henry who can spot a tennis ball at half a mile, here he has dropped it in the cut and is just keeping an eye on it.DSCF2735

Today's Journeymap 03 3½ Miles, 12 Locks in 3½ hours

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