Saturday, 7 September 2019

Burston Saturday 7 September 2019

Day : Saturday
Date : 7 September 2019
Start : 0945hrs
Finish : 1700 hrs Burston

I have uploaded our proposed route to Canal Planer AC if anyone wants to see where we are likely to be. It gets updated with actual position each night.

Back to our normal sort of time today, 0945 hrs off in the sunshine. Last time we passed here this was just the beginning of a building site, today its established lived in homes right behind theDSCF2604 Ashtree cruising club moorings. When we use to moor at Kings Bromley marina I often looked at this shed and wondered how much more it could lean without falling over, its still going and still standing.DSCF2606

We had a brief stop at Tesco in Rugeley, as we pulled in the boat ahead left so we were able to moor right outside the store, I must say most of the boats that went by, it is quite narrow and a blind bridge were moving at a fair rate. OK we were not well tied but its quite a congested area. Once the boss returned with the essentials we were off heading for Colwich lock, we met several boats on the way, one right where there are a pair of breasted Narrowboats moored outside a house, they are as big an obstacle as a wide beam on a narrow canal. We caught up to the boat in front just before the lock and there  was no one ahead of him, with boats waiting to come down it was one up, one down. There were only 8 boats moored between here and Haywood lock which is unusual. After this it was a steady run up the locks until we moored for the night just before Burston lower bridge.
Looking across from the canal there is a rather splendid tree house with a balcony, I wonder if its a glamping let.DSCF2620

Today's Journeymap 4414½ Miles 5 Locks in 6½ hours

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