Monday, 24 August 2020


Bit of a late start this morning and a slow journey, The Black Prince chaps arrived to rescue the hire boat moored behind us, it had a 1” steel hawser attached to its propeller. They got it free quite quickly but lost it on the bed of the canal on the visitor moorings.

We only went as far as Bridge 5 where we stopped to do a shop in Asda. When we set off we met a steady stream of boats at first. It would appear there was an empty pound somewhere this morning so they had all bunched up, we found the levels much better than when we came down yesterday. Once we hit the Offerton flight our luck changed and the locks were all full. On the way down we saw Oddingley Church so thought we would stop there DSCF4074tonight for a look round, of course we couldn’t get in for a look round.

Lock 16, Offerton top lock still has its original number carved into the stone. Note the white paint to show where the steps are up to the lock side, DSCF4071these ones are well painted but most have almost have almost faded away.

On one of the lock beams there is a notice that looks as its from C&RT but I can’t imagine anyone in C&RT still having access to the old logo, let alone using it. DSCF4073My grandson got berated yesterday by some elderly lady( that’s the best I could print) from some Swan Rescue organisation for opening the top lock gates to early for me coming in. She then ranted at her male accomplice until he put food down for the swans right in the lock mouth. I did point out the error of his ways when he tried to justify her words to my Grandson. I pointed out, if it had been possible I would have done the length of the entire pound with the gates open and if she didn’t want swans in the locks it might be a good idea to feed them elsewhere, or words to that effect.

Today’s Travels 7 miles, 14 locks in 5 22

Map courtesy of Waterway Routes

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Tom and Jan said...

Surely it would have been better to comment "So many swans.... so few recipes!" Just to make her day :-)