Friday, 6 August 2010

Friday 6 August 2010

Last night there were a lot more trains and the noise from them more intrusive than I remember from when we have moored there in the past.

This morning we set off at about 9 30 AM arriving at Claydon bottom lock just after a boat had exited and there was another in the pound above waiting to come down, this luck continued all the way up the flight and we didn't turn a single lock, I don't think we even closed one on leaving. DSCF4388
We met very few boats as we headed north and at the moorings opposite the feeder and bridge 142 some one has mown an interesting pattern in the grass.
DSCF4391 We had a clear run through Fenny tunnel but met a boat right on the bend by Fenny Marina services which were in use which made life interesting.
The visitor moorings at Fenny had a couple of vacancies but there would have been a lot more if the rest of the moored boats had been moored closer to each other instead of leaven large spaces between them. 
We stopped at Fenny to fill the water tank, while we were there both the vacancy were filled. We moved on to moor for the night DSCF4393by the Decca Radio beacon mast at 1-30 in the afternoon.

Once moored I set to cleaning the boat roof, not so I had a pristine clean roof but so that I could see where the next batch of rust patches were breaking out, its a lot easier to spot the small spots when the roof is clean. They wont get tackled this trip because the weather is very unsettled with rain threatening, we have only had light drizzle but that could soon change. While I was doing this Diana was painting the remainder of the woodwork in the lounge area.

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