Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tuesday 24 Aug 2010

Last night the sky was very clear with a full moon and abundance of stars, it was also very chilly dropping down to 6.5 deg, autumn is certainly on its way.

This morning it was wall to wall sun shine and we were on the move a few minutes past nine. DSCF4571 Just a short way from where we were moored BW are repiling the bank and were there in force with a dredger piling machine, flat full of piling, flat with a cement mixer and a collection of tugs. In Rugby Tesco had there magnet switch on again which dragged us to the side just passed the water point. There were only two boats moored by the green and none opposite on the towing path, there were only 3 on the visitor moorings where we stopped for shopping. We continued on through Newbold,again there were visitor moorings free.DSCF4574 Once through the tunnel we passed Steam Boat Laplander with Sean working on the burner it get it firing properly. Moored directly behind it was what looks like another steamer called Trevor.
At Hawkesbury Junction again a lot of the visitor moorings were vacant, why does this never happen when we want to stop.
Hard right onto the Coventry Canal, here there were a lot more boats moored, one of them being Dragon Lady where we exchanged words with Terry and Sal. Not long after this it started to rain on and off, turning quite heavy as we passed through Atherstone following a very slow boat. Once through the the town the boat ahead pulled over and waved us passed which was very good of him. The weather improved as we approached Springwood Haven and stayed fine until we moored up for the night outside the Anchor pub.

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