Monday, 23 August 2010

Sunday 22 Aug 2010

What a different day,we woke to warm sun and after listening to the Archers and running the engine for a couple of hours we made our way down to the Folly arranging to meet Guy who was coming over by car for an hour. We partook of a couple of Buffalo burgers while we waited for him and then joined him in having a very good vegetarian meal and fresh coffee. We only saw one act on the stage before Guy had to leave us. Once on our own we bought a couple of pints of beer and because the next stage act wasn't to our taste went to sit by the lock to drink it.
There we found a chap assisting boats through the lock collecting for the JJ memorial fund, so I started to lend a hand, shutting gates and rattling the collection tin. It soon became obvious that I also needed a windlass, so Diana walked back to the boat and picked mine up for me. We then spent the rest of the afternoon working boats through, Diana shaking the tin. We carried on like this for 4 hours and in all that time there was a boat waiting at one end of the lock or the other. Most of them were going up with only a few coming down.When the last one had gone through at about 6 pm Diana walked back to the boat to feed the dog while I went and collected all the "No Waiting" cones that we had put down Folly Lane into stacks ready to be collected.
We spent the evening onboard as I was some what tied and couldn't be bothered to walk back down the flight.

Although the weather was fine all day with Sunshine the barometer was falling back fast and no way could I get an internet signal, which is why this is being sent a day later.

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