Saturday, 28 August 2010

Saturday 28 Aug 2010 Stoke Works

There was quite a convoy of boats passed this morning before we we about, so we made a leisurely start not wanting to be on the end of the queue going down the Tardebigge flight. We needn't have worried as most of them only went as far as the Anglo Welsh hire base just before the Tardebigge flight.

We set off about quarter to ten and it wasn't long before we were in the Shortwood Tunnel meeting a boat coming the other way, it was a day boat full of pirates and with the exception of the steerer they were all sat on the roof, I don't know what affect that would have on the boats stability.
DSCF4639 Then it was past Anglo Welsh hire base and into Tardebigge Tunnel. This tunnel is brick lined at each end but the centre section is just bare rock  and very uneven,however there are no nasty outcrops to catch you out. Its only a short distance from the end of the tunnel and the top of the flight and there was no body waiting. DSCF4644
On the off side at the top of the locks there is a Plaque commemorating the forming of the IWA in 1946 by Rolt and Aickman aboard the narrow boat Cressy

As we expected the locks were against us but at the third lock we met a boat coming up which was a relief, this continued on down the flight and it wasn't until we were about two thirds down we had to start turning locks, not meeting any more boats.
We stopped at the bottom of the flight at 2 30, it had taken us 3.5 hrs to do 30 locks so we decided to go to the Queens Head for a late lunch, however the choice was to sit in the garden or on a bar stool to eat and as their main courses were over £10 a time I didn't feel inclined to take up the offer, so we had a sandwich onboard and set off again. Another 6 locks saw us down at Stoke Prior where we moored just before the visitor moorings at 5 pm. Tonight we have booked a table at The Boat and Railway which is just the other side of the bridge.

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Adagio said...

Boat and Railway - good choice! We haven't been there for a while but remember it as being good value and friendly.