Saturday, 25 January 2014

Crick Saturday 25 Jan 2014

When we walked to the pub last night it was raining, but with 6 beers on the pumps and first class food it was worth it. It was still raining when we returned to the boat, but by this morning it had gone and we set off in a spring like day at 1030. We had several boats come by to fill with water at the end of the arm and saw our first Snowdrops of the year near the marina entrance.DSCF4515

Welford lock was against us and the bottom gates well open, they did stay near enough closed for us to fill the lock. The new top gate seams to seal well against the new wooden framing DSCF4518

Out onto the main line we turned left back towards home, it was along here that we saw the weed cutter actually working. I am not sure what good it was doing as with one track almost out of the water it was only cutting dead reeds just below the surface, I suppose it will look good and clear for a couple of months until the new growth comes up but its not actually cleared the navigation. It needs the roots ripping out to do lasting good.DSCF4521

I noticed that there have been a lot of trees planted in the fields towpath side from the area of the footbridge 14 to Lodge bridge 13. These extend for several acres. I have since found out this is the new “Jubilee Wood”

The weather held for most of our trip, a few spots of rain at Yelvertoft that didn’t come to anything, however as we approached Crick Marina the sky darkened and the wind picked up clocking 30 mph. We had just moored opposite “The Moorings” when it started to rain, the wind increased and the thunder and lightning started almost overhead. Now at 4 30 there is a nice sunset on the horizon.

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