Saturday, 18 September 2021


 We had rather a large Chinese takeaway last night, there is more than enough for tonight as well. It came from Peninsular Cantonise and the meat was out of this world.

This morning it was very fine drizzle at about half nine but when we set off just after ten the sun was out and it continued to just get warmer and warmer.  I wouldn't want to be the person driving whatever machine left these tracks along the towpath, they were lucky not to slip in on more than one occasion.

We arrived at the bottom lock which was full and no boats coming down, As we were leaving the lock I could just see a boat leaving the lock ahead, we would follow them all the way up the flight, thankfully these ones didn't leave gates open when they left. We did meet a couple of boats coming down but in both cases we had to wait for them so not much help really other than winding a paddle or two. At lock 6 ether the ground survey equipment has been removed or someone has pinched it since we were last this way in July Work is ongoing on the HS2 bridge between the canal and the motorway but nothing yet the other side of the canal.
It took us 2½ to complete the flight of 11 locks and about 2¼ miles. The off side of the lock has been designated a wild flower area, these have all now been cut short with the exception of lock one.
There was only one paddle out on the whole flight, but I think it may have been the same one as last time we came this way. It says this structure is undergoing repair when really it should say it waiting to be repaired.

I also spotted a rather large terrapin sitting in the bushes, a poor photo as I thought it was a punchured football until we were level with it and then had to scrambled to get the camera. Its the largest I have seen for sometime, I wonder how big they will grow out in the wild.

We carried on just passed the The Cuttle Bridge Inn, lots of people moor here because there are rings but we find the road noisy so go another couple of hundred yards through Wiggins Hill Bridge to moor, it just a bit further from the road as can be seen on the map.

Todays Journey 7¼ miles, 11 locks in 4¼ hours.

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