Friday, 23 July 2021

Fisher Mill Bridge B&F

 It was quite overcast this morning with a cool breeze but soon warmed up. We had two boats go by before 7-30am.I don't know which direction they were going in. 
Today was to be quite a short day so no rush to get away, so we left about 1030hrs meeting a boat before the Curdworth flight. As we went under the bridge prior to the locks I could see the top gate open and blue shirts with lifejackets. It was a crew of volunteers busy painting the iron work around the lock using Hammerite Smooth. Down to the second lock and there were even more, this time all ladies, who assisted me down the lock so I didn't have to get back aboard when the lock was empty. There were even more of them at their hut at lock 4. It seems they have chosen today to have their Christmas get together as it was cancelled in December and this could be an outside event. Needless to say all the locks were against us, even meeting a boat at lock 7 didn't help. 
Hs2 will cross the canal between locks 6 and 7, at each one they have installed a ground monitor which is solar powered. I guess its recording now so they know what the ground readings are like prior to building work starting on the bridge over the pound. I have done a little more looking around and these look to be ground vibration monitors often used on construction sites where piling etc. is involved made by Rion
We carried on down to the bottom of the flight and everything seemed to work OK, I have reported faults on the paddle gear on both our last two transits and these look to have been sorted. We carried on for about another half a mile to moor a short way before Fisher Mill Bridge, not on the visitor mooring rings as there are several boats there already. We normally moor closer to the flight between the lock moorings and the winding hole but its not unknown for the geese to give you an early call in the mornings there.

Today's Journey 5½ miles, 11 locks in 3½ hours.

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