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Josselin Friday 31 May 2013

There is a Google Map showing the location of all our stops

The normal routine of breakfast around 9am and then away, but not before Diana had taken a picture of the cows crossing the lock tail bridge. a PhotoDSCF3770

We walked down to the next lock, these were the only two that were really in walking distance. After photographing Libje leavinga PhotoDSCF1949 the lock we were overtaken by the lady eclusier on her bike. For the next lock she went by car as it was quite some way.

They have some very nice maintenance equipment on this isolated waterway and this aluminium work boat was just part ofa PhotoDSCF3739 it, we were to see some more later in the trip.

At Elcluse de Beautfort there is a swing bridge across the lock chamber that gives access to a mill on the weir stream.a PhotoDSCF1960 Once across the lock you then have to cross a stone bridge over half the weir before coming to the mill.a PhotoDSCF3786

As we approached Josselin through its low bridge with chamfereda PhotoDSCF3797 sides we could see the Chateau standing proudly beside the river.a PhotoDSCF3793 Right below the chateau are the pontoon visitor moorings, but these are not really substantial enough for us so we swing round to moor to the old town quay between the lock and the last pontoon.a PhotoDSCF1974 Once securely moored we headed off to explore a park towards the back of the town. one of the features in the park is a water clock, but closer examination shows that the clock is now electric and the water just spins a few wheels.

Water clock in the park at Josselin

Also in the park I managed to get a nice photograph of a Red Squirrel, something we don’t see at home these days. a PhotoJosselin DSCF1968It was then back to Libje for lunch before heading back out into the town.

There is free access to the church tower in Josselin,

a PhotoJosselin DSCF1979 a PhotoJosselin DSCF1993

the Basilique Notre Dame du Roncier and from the top there is a very good view out across the town with her Lady keeping an eye on things.

a PhotoJosselin DSCF1985 a PhotoJosselin DSCF1989


a PhotoJosselin church spire DSCF1984 Looking straight up to the top of the open spire after climbing all the stone stairs. Inside the church is just as impressive with the stained glass and gold leaf.a PhotoJosselin DSCF1996   
The town is lovely with lots of wooden framed buildings, shops and cafes.

a PhotoJosselin DSCF3812 a PhotoJosselin DSCF1999

a PhotoJosselin DSCF1998

a PhotoJosselin DSCF1978

Right beside our mooring is an old wash house. There are lots of these in France, sometimes on the edge of the main river or like a PhotoJosselin DSCF3803this  one on a small spring fed stream that runs clear, clean water down before discharging into the main river.

As it was Friday evening, Ian and Jane took us out for dinner at the red timbered restaurant in the right hand photo above. I cant say I am over impressed with snails, just garlic flavoured lumps once you got them out of the shells.

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