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L’ile aux Pies Tuesday 4 June 2013

There is a Google Map showing the location of all our stops

Well that’s the birthday out of the way now back to the holiday.

After breakfast we went for a walk around the town, One of the things we noticed yesterday as we drove back to the boat was a set of moss figures on the roundabout in town so we walked back to get some photos.

DSCF2166 Saint-Martin DSCF2172 Saint-Martin
 DSCF2167 Saint-Martin  DSCF2169 Saint-Martin

  The Boulangerie was full of very nice things to eat and their wall decoration was also impressive. This walk didn’t take as long and when we returned to the boat Ian whisked us off in the car to Rochefort en Terre which is perched on the top of a large rock. Again it boasts an interesting church where everything appears to be at different angles.

DSCF2180 Rochefort en Terre DSCF3922 Rochefort en Terre
DSCF2181 Rochefort en Terre DSCF2184 Rochefort en Terre
DSCF3923 Rochefort en Terre DSCF2185 Rochefort en Terre

The town its self is a maze of narrow streets running up and down hill.     

DSCF3916 Rochefort en Terre DSCF3917 Rochefort en Terre
DSCF3918 Rochefort en Terre DSCF2178 Rochefort en Terre
DSCF3919 Rochefort en Terre DSCF3920 Rochefort en Terre
DSCF2179 Rochefort en Terre DSCF3926 Rochefort en Terre

One of the shops we visited was the sweet shop, I have never seen such a selection before.        

DSCF3927 Rochefort en Terre DSCF3928 Rochefort en Terre DSCF2186 Rochefort en Terre

We went back to the boat for lunch joining Jane in the small bar the opposite side of the river for a before lunch drink.  It is beside this bar that the local cider is made that we had enjoyed yesterday. It is so popular that they are planting new apple orchards to keep production going.

DSCF3929 Saint Martin DSCF3931 Saint Martin

As soon as lunch was finished we were off again down through Lock 21 where the old eclusier’s cottage is completely derelict inside, its such a shame and the lock keepers keep the gardens so nice around the locks even though they don’t live there.  Unfortunately in the case of this lock the Navigation Authority employed contractors to carry out repairs at the lock and one mooring they arrived without warning and destroyed all the garden and plants.

DSCF3934 Lock 21 DSCF3933 Lock 21
DSCF3935 Lock 21 DSCF3936 Lock 21

Further downstream at L’ile aux Pies the river widens out even though the far side is quite shallow and is buoyed off with green navigation buoys. here there are good pontoon moorings, substantial enough for us to use, a canoe centre, bar and outdoor climbing centre, we checked out the bar but the other two were closed.    

a PhotoLibje L'ile aux Pies DSCF3950 DSCF2210 Canoes  L'ile aux Pies
DSCF2217 Pippa DSCF2220 L'ile aux Pies Kids

You can see Pippa making friends with the locals, latter in the afternoon a group of youngsters came down the far un-navigable side of the river wearing wet suits and flippers with what looked like boat shaped foam floats.  

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