Tuesday, 18 June 2013

La Chapelle Caro La 1 June 2013

There is a Google Map showing the location of all our stops

Saturday is market day in Josselin and all the old town is full of stalls with everything from clothes, kids toys to hot food and flowers.

a PhotoJosselin Market DSCF3828 a PhotoJosselin Market DSCF3831
a PhotoJosselin Market DSCF3832 a PhotoJosselin Market DSCF3833
a PhotoJosselin Market DSCF3836 a PhotoJosselin Market DSCF3829

After lunch onboard we slipped away down through the lock, The lock cottage has been turned into a kind of hostel with just the eclusier’s office at the end. The Wisteria is said to be over 100 years old.a PhotoJosselin DSCF3808

As we entered Ecluse Saint Jouan another boat arrived below the lock, I think apart from the work boat this is the only othera PhotoDSCF3838 boat we have seen on the move. When he saw us he turned and waited a little bit further down stream to give us more room on the bend. Unlike the UK there are no lock moorings to wait against.

We passed a very nicely decorated pump house, some may call it graffiti but its better than the obscene stuff you see in some places. a PhotoDSCF2021 This chap was fishing out on the weir and looked quite strange as he made his way across just below the lip, not exactly walking on water but not up to his neck in it.a PhotoDSCF2018 Boys are the same all over the world it seem and sun, water and jumping in all seem to go together.a PhotoBoys swimming DSCF2012

The last lock of the day was at Montertelot, after this the river was quite narrow so in times of high flow it would be quite fast. We moored for the night where the river widened again,a PhotoDSCF2033 It was in this narrow section where while walking the dogs, (yes we walked the dogs, the soon expected it from us) that we saw a white Mink in the river.

We were again moored below a Chateau, this time it was Chateau deu Crevy again in private ownership.   a PhotoChateau deu Crevy DSCF2025

It was only a short walk from here up into the town of La Chapelle Caro where in the church yard there is a very large yew tree.a PhotoLa Chapelle Caro DSCF2028 There was also an interesting take away pizza trailer but we couldn’t stop for one as we were due back on Libje for dinner.a PhotoLa Chapelle Caro DSCF2030

After dinner we walked back up the towing path to Montertelot as the sun was sliding away,a PhotoLa Chapelle Caro DSCF3851






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