Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Saint Martin Monday 3 June 2013

There is a Google Map showing the location of all our stops

Firstly we visited the town again for a look round the church. It has been built over several decades with latter additions supporting some of the earlier work.

Malestroit DSCF2094 Malestroit DSCF3865
Malestroit DSCF2096 Malestroit DSCF2097
Malestroit DSCF3906  
There are lots of figures depicted on the front of the church and an interpretation board is there to tell you about them.  Its all in French and a large photo so that it can be read. Just double click the photo. 


For lunch we were taken to a local crêperie where we enjoyed first savoury crêperies and then some very yummy sweet ones. This was all washed down with the local cider which is drunk from cups.a PhotoMalestroitDSCF2123

After lunch we were off, but not before we saw this useful piece of kit come by. It has twin props on a hydraulic drive that can be lifted out of the water and stored on top of the sponsons. It is also fitted with twin crawler tracks which enables it to move where there is no or little water. For dredging in deep water it has hydraulic legs at the rear, it only just lowered these in time to pass under the bridge. The one we saw was pushing what can only be described as a floating skip.

a PhotoMalestroit DSCF2103 a PhotoMalestroit DSCF2105
a PhotoMalestroit DSCF2110 a PhotoMalestroit DSCF2112

We set off again, still heading downstream to moor at Saint Martins. From here Ian would take us to see the standing stonesLibje Saint-Martin DSCF3913 at Monteneuf but first he had to unload his faithful bike and ride to Rohan to collect the car.Saint-Martin DSCF2141 Once back with the car we were off to Monteneuf. It seems these stones are quite a recent discovery following a forest fire

a PhotoMonteneuf DSCF2088 a PhotoMonteneuf DSCF2089
a PhotoMonteneuf DSCF3900 a PhotoMonteneuf DSCF3901

a PhotoMonteneuf DSCF3903

Back to the boat for dinner and a surprise for me, did I tell you it was my 65 birthday. Thanks Jane and Ian.a PhotoBirthday Cake DSCF2153

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