Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Montertelot Sunday 2 June 2013

There is a Google Map showing the location of all our stops

Setting off after breakfast the first point of interest was Le Roc Saint-Andre with its church set high on the rock face above the river,  below it at bank level is a grotto a PhotoLe Roc Saint-Andre DSCF2034

a PhotoLe Roc Saint-Andre DSCF2035 a PhotoLe Roc Saint-Andre DSCF2036

We continued downstream until we reached Malestroit. On the way we passed a farm that breeds horses that are native to the a PhotoDSCF2042area and at one of the locks we were to meet a cat who definitely wasn’t friends with Pippa.a PhotoDSCF2046

There were lots of people about as we locked down into the town to moor opposite the island. a PhotoDSCF2048

Again a very pretty little town with lots of narrow streets and old houses well worth a slow walk round.

a PhotoMalestroit DSCF2050 a PhotoMalestroit DSCF2054
a PhotoMalestroit DSCF2055 a PhotoMalestroit DSCF2077
a PhotoMalestroit DSCF2099
a PhotoMalestroit DSCF3866 a PhotoMalestroit DSCF2098
a PhotoMalestroit DSCF3867 a PhotoMalestroit DSCF3864
a PhotoMalestroit DSCF3870 a PhotoMalestroit DSCF3869
a PhotoMalestroit DSCF3871 a PhotoMalestroit DSCF3868
Across from where we were moored was the weir and this has planks mounted on the lip that can be turned through 90° to raise the summer water level so that the mill can continue working.  
DSCF2057  Malestroit DSCF3895 
a PhotoMalestroit DSCF2072 Malestroit DSCF3898

After lunch Ian took us to La Gacilly. This is a small town that is nearly totally given over to art and photography with large out door photographs from all over the world. one thing that amuseda PhotoLa Gacilly DSCF2062 us was the plastic chairs set out so you could lay back and look at some of the photos.

a PhotoLa Gacilly DSCF3891 a PhotoLa Gacilly DSCF3890
a PhotoLa Gacilly a PhotoLa Gacilly DSCF3882
a PhotoLa Gacilly DSCF3887 a PhotoLa Gacilly DSCF3889
a PhotoLa Gacilly DSCF3884 a PhotoLa Gacilly DSCF3883
a PhotoLa Gacilly DSCF2063 a PhotoLa Gacilly DSCF3881

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